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16-20 May 2011
The Role of e-infrastructure for Climate Change Research
Trieste, Italy

4-6 May 2011
Budapest, Hungary

11-14 April 2011
EGI User Forum 2011
Vilnius, lithuania

19-25 March 2011
OGF 31/ISGC 2011
Taipei, Taiwan

19-25 March 2011
OGF 31/ISGC 2011
Taipei, Taiwan

24- 27 January 2011
PRACE/Link SEEM Winter School
Nicosia, Cyprus

9-10 December 2010
Euro-Africa e-Infrastructures Conference
Helsinki, Finland

4-5 November 2010
8th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

27-29 October 2010
e-Challenges 2010
Warsaw, Poland

27-29 September 2010
ICT 2010
Brussels, Belgium

14-17 September 2010
EGI Technical Forum 2010
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

2-3 September 2010
Citizen Cyberscience Summit
London, UK

7-9 July 2010
WLCG workshop
London, UK

28-30 June 2010
HealthGrid 2010
Paris, France

12-15 April 2010
5th EGEE User Forum
Uppsala, Sweden

5 - 12 March 2010
ISGC 2010
Taipei, Taiwan

7 - 11 December 2009
All Hands/IEEE
Oxford, UK

21th - 24th September 2009
Barcelona, Spain

16th - 17th July 2009
4th BELIEF International Symposium
São Paulo, Brazil

29 June - 1st July 2009
HealthGrid 2009
Berlin, Germany

2-6 March 2009
EGEE User Forum 09/OGF25 & OGF Europe's 2nd International Event
Catania, Italy

13-15 January 2009
SSOKU09 - Cloudscape
Brussels, Belgium

15-21 November 2008
SC08: Super Computing 2008
Austin, Texas

22-26 September 2008
EGEE'08 Conference
Istanbul, Turkey

6-18 July 2008
Balatonfüred, Hungary

2-6 June 2008
23rd Open Grid Forum, OGF23
Barcelona, Spain

16-22 July 2007
AIMS workshop on volunteer computing
Muizenberg, South Africa

9-11 May 2007
EGEE User Forum
Manchester, UK

13-17 November 2006
SuperComputing 06
Tampa, Florida, U.S.


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EGI Community Forum 2013, Manchester
8-12 April 2013

ISGC 2013, Taipei The EGI Community Forum 2013 will take place at the University Place conference centre inManchester, United Kingdom between 8-12 April 2013. The event will be hosted by EGI.eu and UK NGI, a partnership between GridPP and the National e-Infrastructure Service (NES).
The Community Forum is held in conjunction with the 3rd EMI Technical Conference and is co-located with the third annual meeting of the European Globus Community Forum (EGCF). visualisations.

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ISGC 2013, Taipei
17-22 March 2013

ISGC 2013, Taipei GridCast will be blogging next week from the International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2013 between 17 and the 22nd of March.
ISGC is held every year at the Academia Sinica in Taipei, and brings together experts in distributed computing, grids and e-science from the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world. Join us for some lively discussions featuring applications in physics, engineering , biomedicine and life sciences, earth and environmental science, humanities and social sciences, and Big Data Analytics and visualisations.

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